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Motorists to get a taste of NLEX-SCTEX integration this Holy Week

Motorists using the NLEX and SCTEX during the Holy Week break will already experience the ease and convenience resulting from the integration of the toll systems of these two tollways.

“To handle the expected increase in traffic volume during Holy Week, we will pilot-test the integrated toll system to provide motorists with a foretaste of the seamless travel experience that the project, once completed, will bring about,” Rodrigo E. Franco, president of the Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC), builder and concessionaire of the expressway, said. “With the integration, travel through NLEX and SCTEX will be faster and more convenient.”

On April 1 and 2, northbound motorists exiting NLEX, except for those whose vehicles are equipped with Easytrip tags, will not have to stop and pay at the Dau Exit Toll Plaza. All manual lanes in the toll plaza will be designated as “pass thru” lanes. However, there will still be dedicated Easytrip lanes where payment stubs that serve as receipts will be given to motorists with Easytrip transactions.

At the Dau and Sta. Ines interchanges, temporary booths will be set up to collect toll from motorists exiting NLEX. On the other hand, motorists exiting NLEX and continuing on to SCTEX – either to Subic or Tarlac – will have to pay their combined NLEX and SCTEX toll at the SCTEX Mabalacat Entry Toll Plaza. Payment stubs and manual official receipts will be issued to motorists as proofs of payment.

In anticipation of the usual 20% increase in the expressway’s traffic volume during Holy Week, MNTC is putting up 20 additional booths in the area. And as an added treat to motorists going all the way from NLEX to SCTEX Subic or SCTEX Tarlac, they can buy Express Cards in any of the gas stations along NLEX that will entitle them to a toll discount.

Motorists traveling on to SCTEX Subic or SCTEX Tarlac just need to surrender the payment stubs issued to them in Mabalacat or the Express Cards bought from NLEX gas stations when they exit the expressway.

On April 4 and 5, southbound motorists using NLEX will not need to stop at the Dau Entry Toll Plaza where all entry lanes will be designated as “pass thru” lanes. No transit tickets will be given out.

While traveling along the expressway, motorists can again buy Express Cards from any of the NLEX gas stations to entitle them to toll discounts. Toll payments as well as Express Cards will be collected at the Bocaue Toll Plaza. To speed up collection, 15 temporary toll booths will be installed.

“While this system is still temporary and just being set up for Holy Week, it will soon be a permanent fixture once the NLEX-SCTEX system integration is fully completed,” Franco said.     

The agreement to integrate the two expressways’ toll systems was signed last January between MNTC and the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), the government-owned and controlled corporation that built SCTEX.

Under the integration plan, some toll barriers and toll plazas will be removed or transferred. Among the barriers that will be removed are the NLEX Dau Barrier and the SCTEX Mabalacat Toll Barrier. New toll plazas will be constructed at the existing entry and exit ramps at NLEX Dau and Sta. Ines. A new SCTEX Tarlac Toll Plaza will also be constructed.

The project is expected to be completed within the year.