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MNTC upgrades SCTEX for P2 billion

Date Posted : May 16, 2016

The Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC) is investing P2 billion to bring all the world-class features of NLEX to SCTEX and deliver better service to motorists.

 “After SCTEX has been turned over to us last year, we have slated several modernization works all aimed at making the SCTEX at par with the NLEX,” explained Rodrigo E. Franco, president and chief executive of MNTC.

At the top of the upgrade list are the recently completed integration of NLEX and SCTEX which amounted to P758 million and the ongoing pavement improvement of the SCTEX from 2016 to 2018 which costs P1 billion.

To recall, the NLEX-SCTEX integration project unified the toll collection systems of the two expressways thus continually creates a faster and seamless traveling experience for motorists going to and coming from the North. The integration project also modernized SCTEX’s toll collection system by making available to SCTEX electronic toll collection through EasyTrip.

The SCTEX pavement repair, on the other hand, includes three-year asphalt overlay and road patching of the 94-kilometer expressway to make the SCTEX’s pavement as smooth as that of the NLEX.

Also part of the SCTEX enhancements are the installation of modern traffic and telecommunications systems worth P266 million. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and emergency call boxes are currently being installed along the expressway to ensure the security of motorists. The roadside emergency call boxes will aid distressed motorists to directly and quickly connect to the SCTEX traffic control room. The CCTV cameras will enable real-time monitoring of the entire stretch of the expressway which, in turn, will allow MNTC teams to respond faster to motorists who may need assistance.

Variable message signs that provide motorists with useful and updated traffic information are being put up along the expressway as well. These signs will be located in Concepcion, Tarlac and in Porac and Floridablanca, Pampanga.

To further guarantee the safety of motorists, high risk slopes along the expressway are undergoing repair through slope restoration using gabions and geosynthetics reinforcements and adding drainage lines for P22 million.

MNTC has also allotted P47 million in capital expenditure for system and software, traffic devices, and facility enhancements.

Two additional restrooms will be constructed at the SCTEX’s Clark North B and Clark South B exits to increase the level of comfort and convenience of motorists.

Toll booths in all SCTEX toll plazas are also up for rehabilitation which will include repainting and replacement of equipment.

  “Once these improvements are fully implemented, our motorists can surely expect a smoother and safer travel at SCTEX,” Franco said.