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MNTC to complete flood control project at the NLEX

The Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC) is set to complete its P122.75-million drainage enhancement project with the implementation of flood control works at the southbound portion of the NLEX Balintawak area starting this June.

The P3.75-million anti-flood project at the southbound portion of Balintawak is part of the previously completed drainage improvement project along the northbound side of the Balintawak cloverleaf and Valenzuela southbound which amounted to P119 million.  The project is aimed at mitigating flooding along the NLEX especially during the rainy season.

The flood control works at the Balintawak southbound, which will last for two months starting early June, include the construction of a 19-meter-long concrete box culvert and junction box to ease flooding along the NLEX roadway in the area.

MNTC president and CEO Rodrigo E. Franco explained that more than improving the existing drainage system, the company aims to provide safe and convenient travel even during inclement weather conditions.

“At NLEX, the welfare of motorists is of paramount importance that is why we want to ensure them safe passage during rainy season,” Franco said.

Franco also assures motorists that a traffic management plan is in place around the work area as MNTC activates patrol and traffic teams in cooperation with the Tollways Management Corporation (TMC), Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and local traffic authorities.

Construction works will cover four lanes of Balintawak southbound and will be undertaken from morning until night.

MNTC will close one lane for 12 consecutive days, beginning from the leftmost lane, until the drainage enhancement works in all four lanes have been completed.

During road closures, two lanes will be dedicated to motorists going EDSA while one lane will be allotted to motorists going A. Bonifacio.

Motorists are also advised to take the following alternate routes that will be implemented during the project’s duration.

  • From NLEX to Monumento/C3 (Port Area): Take NLEX Karuhatan, turn left at Mac Arthur Highway to Monumento, and turn right at Samson Road to C4 and R10.
  • From NLEX to EDSA: Route 1 - Take NLEX Mindanao Avenue, turn right at Congressional to EDSA-Roosevelt (Muñoz). Route 2 - Take the Mindanao Avenue to North Avenue route, straight to TriNoma and U-turn at MRT North Avenue going to Cubao.
  • From Quirino (West Service Road) to A. Bonifacio: Take NLEX-Monumento ramp, U-turn at EDSA (in front of Mitsubishi), and re-enter the Balintawak Cloverleaf ramp (near St. Joseph Chapel).
  • From EDSA to A. Bonifacio-Mayon: Take a U-turn at EDSA (in front of Mitsubishi), and re-enter the Balintawak Cloverleaf ramp (near St. Joseph Chapel).
  • From EDSA to Port Area: Take the Monumento to Samson Road, Samson Road to C4, C4 to R10, and R10 to Port Area routes.

Traffic advisories will be relayed to motorists through variable message signs along the expressway and regular updates on social media. Additional informatory signs will be installed in strategic locations to further guide motorists.