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Mapulang Lupa Donation

Date Posted : October 29, 2014

Tools shaping tomorrow

Officials from the Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC) recently presented electrical and woodworking tools to Mapulang Lupa National High School (MLNHS) as part of its commitment to advancing education, particularly in its neighboring communities.

MNTC vice-president for corporate communication Marlene N. Ochoa turned over the equipment—which included chisels, electrical drills, along with several types of screwdrivers, pliers, and saws—to officials of the state-run school at the latter’s campus in Valenzuela City.

“These tools will enhance the students’ hands-on technical skills training, thus sharpening their talents in the industrial arts and opening the door to more opportunities down the road,” Ochoa said.

The tollway firm had previously given MLNHS an NLEX Vocational Room with a set of electrical tools in 2006. Technology and Livelihood Education department head Gil C. Buenavista noted that MNTC’s donations have helped students win various industrial arts skills competitions.

In photo with Ochoa (third from left), are MLNHS principal Eddie A. Alarte (center), and Buenavista (fifth from left).