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Building NLEX Harbor Link Segment 10 showcases engineering 'marvel'

The NLEX Harbor Link Segment 10 project of the Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC), is not only an all-elevated expressway – it is an “engineering marvel.”


MNTC president Rodrigo E. Franco cited the construction and installation technologies being utilized for this innovative 5.65-kilometer road segment.


He said two powerful pieces of equipment are being utilized to assure precise and safe installation of structures. Gantry cranes are used to transport pre-cast girders, while one powerful girder launcher lays it on the concrete poles of the elevated expressway.


Girders are fabricated at the nearby casting yard, as close as possible to the construction site. This construction strategy has enabled NLEX to avoid the cumbersome task of transporting one thousand five hundred girders to the site, through heavy traffic!


“This process is unique to the NLEX Harbor Link, thus makes it an engineering marvel,” Franco said, adding that, this P10 billion all-elevated expressway project reaches as high as 20 meters.


Segment 10 is using the alignment of the Philippine National Railways (PNR) – so the expressway is above the PNR rail tracks in some portions, and is at times alongside the tracks in other portions.


“Using the alignment of PNR has spared MNTC from right-of-way problems and likewise spared many our people from displacement,” Franco added.


Segment 10 begins at MacArthur Highway in Valenzuela, and will proceed to Malabon and C3 road in Caloocan extending to Road 10.


With the completion of Segment 10, cargo trucks only need 10 minutes going from the port to NLEX compared to the usual one hour travel through the busy streets of Metro Manila.  Since NLEX is not covered by truck ban, trucks will have 24/7 access from the ports to their respective destinations to the North and South.


Last year, close to 78 million metric tons of cargo were delivered from the Manila North Harbor to other parts of North and Central Luzon.