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Body, dashboard cameras for enforcers at NLEX-SCTEX

Date Posted : September 25, 2016

High technology has again enhanced the enforcement capability of NLEX and SCTEX enforcers. This is because the Manila North Tollways Corp., NLEX-SCTEX concessionaire, has introduced  body and dashboard cameras to better document  interactions between traffic enforcers and motorists . When a tollway enforcer approaches you, be on alert as he wears a built-in camera like it is part of his or her uniform. The enforcer’s vehicle also sports a dashboard camera. MNTC chief operating officer Raul Ignacio explained that the body-hugging cameras are expected to enhance the accuracy of incident reports and provide evidence for incidents requiring investigation. “The use of body cameras will further ensure that motorists are properly handled by NLEX-SCTEX traffic enforcers during apprehensions,” Ignacio added. Tollways Management Corporation (TMC) president Roberto Bontia also said that dashboard cameras have been installed in NLEX-SCTEX patrol vehicles to record courses of events inside and outside the vehicles, which in turn aid patrol officers implement traffic laws on the integrated expressway. NLEX-SCTEX traffic enforcers have recently started wearing body cameras during apprehensions of traffic violators to advance operational efficiency and transparency.